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Posted by on Apr 20, 2017 in Real Estate Insights |

The Best Los Angeles Neighborhoods

The Best Los Angeles Neighborhoods

The name Los Angeles is world renowned for two reasons; one it is the entertainment capital of the world and two, it is currently the second largest city in the United States with a population of five million people within its five hundred square miles. The city of Los Angeles is made up of 114 neighborhoods each of them having their own unique of flavor and personality. The neighborhoods all have their own mix of culture with Latinos, Mexicans and different individuals mixing together. Below, are some of the facts regarding Los Angeles neighborhoods with a look at certain towns in them:

East and North East Neighborhoods

Both the Eastern and North Eastern parts of the Los Angeles neighborhoods are residential areas carved into the rolling hills. With places like Highland Park that counts as one of the oldest in the area with its oldies style home and University hills serving as a base for the professionals, the mix of the neighborhoods adds to the allure of Los Angeles.

Venice Beach

A beautiful city surrounded by beauty. With the beach often a few blocks away, a lively boardwalk and a short drive from Santa Monica, Venice Beach is where young professionals are flocking too. This trendy neighborhood has many newer construction apartment buildings and many cozy homes. It’s a great place to live too if you have a young family, or pets.

Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhoods

Like downtown areas, the Downtown area of Los Angeles is no different as the usual hustle and bustle can be experienced here no different from elsewhere. With towering skyscrapers and an art community within its 6 miles, this area screams creativity with its artwork and graffiti on the buildings.

The Greater Hollywood Neighborhoods

This area is known to be home to the famous sign of Hollywood and has the Melrose district where cuisines and shopping can be enjoyed by all. If culture is something you are looking forward to experiencing, then you can get a little ethnicity from neighborhoods like Little Armenia.

The Harbor Area Neighborhoods

From the name harbor, you know these areas are close to the ports and ocean. This area comprises of San Pedro, Santa Monica, Malibu, and Pacific Palisades amongst others. When in this neighborhood, take care to visit sights such as the Point Ferman Lighthouse as well as the host of sea side restaurants littered that boast of freshly caught sea food menus.

Diving, Parasailing, Surfing, yachting, and kayaking are just part of the things that can be enjoyed on these seaside port neighborhoods. Owing to the fact that these neighborhoods are close to the ocean, the panoramic view, as well as the sun rise and sun sets, are things to look forward to. Another tourist attraction is the Wilmington neighborhood that has been featured in a lot of major motion pictures.

Los Feliz and Silver Lake Neighborhoods

These two neighborhoods play host to the largest parks of the Los Angeles state; the Elysian Park and the Griffith Park respectively.  They are also considered to be the oldest neighborhoods with the oldest residential areas in the state. The homes date as far back as 1890 so if architecture is something you enjoy or are interested in, this would be a place to visit.

West Los Angeles Neighborhoods

This is where the wealthy and a majority of the entertainment industry reside in. Beverly Hills and Bel Air are both located here along with the entertainment studios.